Bungtla Waterfall1

     Bungtla Waterfall is the longest waterfall in Chin State, falls near Matupi, 16 miles away from Matupi. The height of Bungtla waterfall is over 1500 feet and it falls by 9 levels. In Chin State, Bungtla waterfall is one the most famous natural resources. Even though Bungtla is flowing[…]

Bungtla Waterfall Chin State

Fishing in Inlay

Inle Lake is a freshwater lake located in the Nyaungshwe Township of Taunggyi District of Shan State, part of Shan Hills in Myanmar (Burma). It is the second largest lake in Myanmar with an estimated surface area of 44.9 square miles (116 km2), and one of the highest at an[…]

Inle Lake Myanmar

Carrying Food on Head

Carrying on the head is a common practice in Myanmar, as an alternative to carrying a burden on the back, shoulders, and so on. Especially women carry things and food on their head.

Carrying Food on Head

Myanmar Tea

Myanmar’s street culture is basically a tea culture as people, mostly men but also women and families, hang out in tea shops reading the paper or chatting away with friends, exchanging news, gossip and jokes, nursing cups of Indian tea served with a diverse range of snacks from cream cakes[…]

Myanmar Tea

Chin Women Face Tattoo

A woman with a facial tattoo poses for a photo in Myanmar’s Chin State. Historically the Chin were adored for their beauty and Burmese King’s would come to villages to steal men’s wives. As a measure against their women being stolen, village elders started tattooing teenage girls to make them[…]

Chin Women Facial Tattoo