By Flight

Flights arrive at Heho airport, 46km north west of Inle Lake. The journey from Heho to Nyaung Shwe (the main town in the Inle Lake area) takes 45 minutes by taxi and costs around K30,000; you may be able to save money by booking your taxi in advance through your hotel.

Cheaper options are pick-up trucks or buses, but these are far less convenient – and must be picked up from the town of Heho, which is three kilometres south east of the airport.

There is a currency exchange and Visa and Mastercard ATM facilities at the airport, although they are not always open or functioning. If you find yourself waiting for a flight, there are a number of simple restaurants just to the north of the terminal building.

By Bus

Most buses arrive in Nyaung Shwe town – some hotels and guest houses are within walking distance of the drop-off point, and a taxi to your accommodation should cost no more than K1500 (note that hotels located on shores of the lake itself are reached by boat or car – transport for these will usually be pre-arranged).

Some buses stop at Shwenyaung Junction – from there it is a 20 minute taxi ride to Nyaung Shwe, costing K2000 for a pick-up or K7000 for a taxi.

By Train

The closest train station to Inle Lake is Shwenyaung Junction, which is on a branch which veers off the main Yangon to Mandalay line at Thazi (where you usually have to change trains, staying overnight in Thazi).

Taking the train is the slowest (and least reliable) way to get to Inle Lake, but the journey is a memorable one for the beautiful Shan hill scenery between Thazi and Shwenyaung.