7 Sisters Restaurant, 79 Nwe Ni Street, New Bagan (The restaurant is situated at the corner of 3rd Street and Nwe Ni Street.), ☎ 061-65404, [9]. A beautiful romantic open air restaurant run by seven sisters, where you can enjoy a wide array of Myanmar, Chinese, Thai and European dishes. You will find it a clean and comfortable place for breakfast, lunch and dinner or just a refreshing drink on a warm afternoon. The restaurant is built like an authentic Tazaung (a Buddhist adoration hall or shrine pavilion). The framework of the building consists of fourteen genuine massive teak pillars and large teak beams to support the roof. It’s located on a quiet corner just a one minute walk from the Eight Faces Pagoda in the centre of New Bagan, away from the noisy and dusty main street. The service is extremely friendly and professional, worth visiting. Try the tea leaf salad. Prices are competitive with most restaurants. Free Wi-Fi is available. The website of the restaurant is helpful.

Aroma restaurant, Yar Khin Tar Rd, Nyaung Oo. Indian restaurant with a nice romantic setting quite packed with tables. It gets so full that people end up queueing for a table which is sad considering that so many places are empty. However for the person who knows well Indian cuisine and gets accustomed to a high quality dishes this restaurant’s food will seem rather ordinary and a bit over-rated. They bring you 6 sauces ok, but the curries are not splendid, they seem to be just ok. Tandoori chicken comes with bones what normallty never accures. The menu hasn’t got a bit choice either.

Bibo Bar & Bistro, Thi Ri Pyitsayar 4 St, Nyaung OO, Myanmar (on Restaurant Row about 1/3 down if moving east). A very cozy, small restaurant run by a very nice and soft-spoken young couple. Thant and his wife prepare all the food themselves, fresh on the spot. Thant waits on customers and mixes cocktails while his wife does the cooking. They will also do off-menu dishes. Just ask Thant and he’ll make recommendations based on your likes and what he has bought from the market that day. Extremely friendly and personable service, and excellent food at very reasonable prices. The restaurant itself is small and cozy with soft warm lighting, and tables placed far apart enough to give diners some privacy. Two of the walls are removed to give the restaurant an open, airy feel, which will appeal to those with claustrophobic tendencies. The Burmese curries (esp pork, fish and pork, slightly less so the chicken) are the standouts. Buy one get one cocktails at happy hour 17:30-19:00.

Black Rose Restaurant, New Bagan (on Khayaye Street between 3rd street and 4th Street.). Standard fare (curries, stir fried and soups. Good fried rice for less than 3,000 kyats. Very friendly staff. Free but slow wifi is available.

Golden Myanmar Restaurant, New Bagan. Traditional Burmese curry meal for 3,000 kyats (they will give you a wide variety of dishes and more food than you can possibly eat).

HTI Bar & Restaurant, Nyaung U, between Thiripyitsaya 4 & 5 road (Located in a small side road near the well know restaurant row.). The only “real Bar” in Bagan. Wide range of cocktails with prices starting from 1500 Ks. Asian & Western dishes are served as well as BBQ. Shisha is available on demand!

Kaday Kywe (ordinary restaurant), Main road Bagan, New Bagan (In New Bagan, on the ’roundabout’ around the Pagoda. On the right side, going to the river), ☎ 061-65395/0943012895. Nice and helpfull staff. Nice Myanmar food.

Kaung Set Aung, (Nyaung Oo) Thiripytsaya block No 4, Yar Kinn Thar Hotel Rd, ☎ 09402682689. Local restaurant on a side road from the restaurant road of Nyaung U serving italian specialities, chinese and thai food. Very good thai curries and friendly staff at cheep price. 1000-3000 Ky.

La Min Thit Myanmar Typical Food, New Bagan (Near New Bagan Market), ☎ 061-65313, 09-43008221. Real Myanmar home food, fresh and healthy food, clean and away from dusty main road, family style, Newly open. K.3000 to K.5500.

Ma Mae Naing, (Right hand side of the road when facing west, about two block from the west end of the road. Green sign out front saying Myanmar Food. Lots of illuminated stars hanging from trees out front.). Delicious Myanmar style curry. K2000-3000 for a meal including 4-5 side dishes and rice. K2000 for a large bottle of Myanmar beer.

Mahar Bagan, Khayee Road, Khan Laung Quarter, New Bagan. One of the better restaurants in Bagan, with a cheerful and friendly owner who speaks good English and seems happy to indulge customers in stories about the area. The menu consists primarily of Chinese-style dishes. The restaurant serves an excellent array of traditional Burmese food, but you have to visit 4-5 hours in advance to let them know your order, as most Burmese dishes take a long time to prepare.

New Idea, No. 4 Main Road, Nyaung Oo (in the main restaurant street). Good Asian food and very friendly staff. Prices around 1500-2500 kyat per dish.

Pwind Mar Lar, New Bagan (east of New Bagan Market: Follow the little road between the market and the Yadanar supermarket. The restaurant is a little hidden behind the supermarket.), ☎ 061-65325; 09-43132213. Very friendly family run restaurant. Do try the all you can eat set menu (3000 Kt per person). 12-16 different dishes for 4 people. When you have finished, the “I make” lady will offer home made sweets. Really good fruit juices too (ask for them, might not be on the menu).

San Carlo Restaurant, (Behind Thiri Malar Hotel). In New Bagan, a small, reasonably priced, family-run restaurant with tables on a quiet back street near some of the mid and high range hotels. Although not for the gourmet, good quality for money, and different cuisines on offer: Chinese, Burmese, Italian. Free Wi-Fi. They also rent bicycles (1500 Kt/full day, 1000 Kt/half day), have laundry service and in general can provide good advice and other tourist services on demand.

Star Bistro, North of Ananda Temple, Old Bagan (next door to The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant). Run by a friendly man with over 15 years experience in Myanmar hotels, the restaurant offers beautifully presented Burmese food and a few western favorites. Best thing is his crunchy and fresh french baguettes!

Taunggyi Shan Khao Sway, Nyaung Oo (Heading west in Nyaung Oo on the road to Old Bagan, pass the Pann Cherry Guesthouse and the first road to Shwezigon Pagoda on your right. There’s a large patch of bare ground by the road.). Breakfast only–finished by lunchtime.. Had enough of free bananas and Wonderbread at your guesthouse? This breakfast Shan noodle stand is a basic affair: just a couple of pots and a stand beside the road, with portable tables and plastic chairs set up. But the noodles are great. It’s a family-run joint and the owner, who comes from Taunggyi, speaks some English and can point you in the right direction if you’re not sure where Shwezigon or the cave temple is. Don’t look for an English sign–there isn’t any. 700 kyat.

The Library Restaurant, on main road sorta between Winner Guest House & bus station (its a big white building, you’ll see it). Newly opened place with an Italian chef. Bit of a splurge for Bagan but a delightful meal (starter + 2 mains + bottle of wine = $40 in Nov 2013). Some teething problems with wine menu & service but sure they’ll be ironed out soon. Especially recommend the rosemary & seasalt focaccia, best in Asia.

The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant, North of Ananda temple, Old Bagan, ☎ 061-60481. Not only the best veggie restaurant in Bagan, but overall just a great eating experience. All food on the extensive menu is freshly prepared, and there’s always a special dish of the Day. Dishes from 1500 to 4000 kyat. If it’s (too) full try Yar Pyi on the other site of the street, which has good vegetarian food as well at the same prices.

Weather Spoon’s, No. 5 Main Road, Nyaung Oo (Opposite Pann Cherry Guest House on the main road heading to Old Bagan), ☎ 09-43092640. Restaurant & bar with European, Burmese, Thai, Chinese. The burger is really impressive (coming from an American frequently disappointed by burgers abroad), fries are good too. The Thai food is better than in most places in Thailand! Drinks like Iced coffee, Lassis and Juices stand out and everything is reasonably priced. (Dishes 800 to 3500 kyat) Free WiFi, friendly service. Many consider this the best place to eat in Bagan area! Avoid the toilet if you can though (no reflection on restaurant’s cleanliness, it’s a public squat down the road). As of at least January 2014, this place appears to have moved down to the middle of the restaurant row in Nyaung U, roughly across from Novel Restaurant.

Wonderful Tasty, Restaurant Row, Nyaung Oo (Just to the left of Weather Spoon’s). Open 8-late. The absolutely lovely family who owns this small restaurant was trained by a Nepali chef. They make momos (Nepali ravioli) from scratch to order, delicious Nepali and Indian curries, fresh homemade pasta and sauces, and a few choice Thai and Burmese dishes. A curry set menu is around 3000 and comes with a hearty soup, daal and unlimited (!) chapati and rice. Beers are 1600 kyat, much cheaper than neighbouring restaurants. This place is often bypassed for the flashier restaurants down the street, but don’t be fooled. It doesn’t look like much from the outside (at the time of writing) but you will not be disappointed by the food and hospitality! 1000-4000 kyat, cheap beer.

Yar Pyi Vegetarian Restaurant, North of Ananda temple, Old Bagan. An excellent family-run vegetarian restaurant across from The Moon. While the food is about equal at both restaurants, the service is better and more personal at Yar Pyi. The guacamole with papadams and Tomato Peanut curry are house specialties and both are excellent and the owners are friendly and helpful.

Yuzana Restaurant, New Bagan (on Khayaye Street between 3rd street and Sabae Street.). Standard fare (curries, stir fried and soups. Do try the delicious chicken meat ball soup for dinner for less than 3,000 kyats. Free but slow wifi is available.