Naypyidaw: Myanmar Capital City



Myanmar Capital City: Naypyidaw is also spelled as Nay Pyi Taw. Naypyidaw is the national capital of Myanmar (Burma), located in Pyinmana Township, Mandalay Division. Naypyidaw is 320 kilometres away from north of Yangon. On 6 November 2005, the administrative capital of Myanmar was officially moved to Naypyidaw. As of 2009, the population was 1 Million, which makes it Myanmar’s third largest city, behind Yangon and Mandalay. Naypyidaw is one of the world’s 10 fastest-growing cities.

Nay Pyi Daw is generally translated as “royal capital”, “seat of the king” or “abode of kings”. Traditionally, it was used as a suffix to the names of royal capitals, such as Mandalay, which was called Yadanabon Naypyidaw. The name literally means “royal city of the sun” in Burmese.

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